Wrestlemania Hosting An All-Female Main Event – Could This Change The Sport?

World Wrestling Entertainment is about making its female wrestlers as important as its men counterparts. Wrestlemania is one of the most valuable sporting brands all over the world having a revenue growth of over $200 Million. It will be available in 800 million homes around the world. This will be the WWE’s first all female pay-per-view event. And according to Big Show, WWE Superstar, the sport will be taken abroad one day.

The event will of course, highlight the talented top women superstars like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Asuka etc. They are just some of the baddest strongest and toughest ladies in the world of wrestling right now. Besides they bring as much attention like men do. Famous female wrestlers are both striking and scary as they certainly bring it in the ring. They’ve been stamping around the ring ever since as early as WWF. The evolution of female wrestler superstars has been interesting as this kind of sport brings entertainment to people around the world and today’s top female WWE wrestlers are some of the best of all the time .

The event has the purpose to help empowering female athletes and to 100% close its gender gap and move towards its step for feminism . This is a good idea to provide gender equality and to prove that women can’t be underestimated in the world of sports. The opportunity to fight and showcase strength of every female WWE superstar will start in this event. There are so much more divas in the ring today which will more embraced by both fans and athletes. And when women wrestlers are granted for these opportunities, they will surely and routinely steal the show. Fans in this event of course, can pick their bet and get a genuinely likable female personalities in WWE as it will be alienating a larger portion of the audience .

The event will surely get a high rate both for viewers and its revenue . It would be perfect for today’s era as fans have also seen an expansion in the type of matches in women’s division. This platform is deserved by female athletes of WWE. Though women is this kind of sport exchange harsh words ( scripted ) , they talk about challenge and respect in each other rivalry between women should go. This only shows that no matter how bad is their character in the ring doesn’t mean that it reflects in themselves . The show or event only summarizes the promotion of gender equality and gaining additional fans.