Pakistan Will Select Best Team For 2019 World Cup

FIFA world cup or often simply called the World Cup is an international football association played by several senior men’s national teams.

Sarfraz Ahmad, the captain of Pakistan team said that best team would be selected consisting of top-in form players for the World Cup 2019. It was a dream for every captain to win in a world cup for his country and he hoped that his country would play in the final of the mega event.

This will be a great opportunity for the Pakistan team to showcase their capabilities and talents as an athlete in the whole world . It maybe hard and pressure for the team to get the World Cup but there’s nothing to worry about because they are composed of skilled and great players.

Sarfraz also predicted that Australia, New Zealand , India and Pakistan would emerge as the top teams in the world. Sharing his own views and opinions about the performance of different players like Hassan Ali had actually played well during the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He also added that Pakistan Cricket Team has to show its best performance to win the cup. He also appreciated the performance of Uhmar Akmal and Ahmad Shezad in PSL 2019.

The senior player, Shoaib Malik was needed for the team in the mega event. Captain Sarfraz also highlighted that it is important to have the need of bowling on the line and length instead of focusing on speed. There is a selection of players of players for the event to make it successful. The captain and its team is getting ready to win for this event as there are a lot of opponents waiting outside. Pakistan will surely and proudly raise their own flag once for this ultimate event. The mega event will get a lot of fans from Pakistan’s team . Viewers also pick their new bet and favorite player for this event. Physical strength for this sport is highly prioritized by every individual player to keep a lot of endurance. The team will fight and play to hit the final cup. Pakistan is getting into its pitch to be part of the best teams in the world that is why as for now they are making sure that the squad is 100% ready for the mega event . This is gonna be another journey for Pakistan Team and road to success.