Japan Hosts First Rugby World Cup this 2019

Every people in different countries around the world loves sports. And Rugby is one of the most popular Olympic games which is very popular for us. It is a kind of team sport that promotes social and health benefits. Agility and physical strength is required so most of the players and in good condition and have a considerable body. This year, Japan is the country which is picked to host the World’s Famous Rugby Cup. Fans will genuinely and will probably amazed when visiting Japan. It will be a combination of traveling and watching the sport at the same time.

In this article, you can learn more kinds of stuff and trivia and also about what you will do during your visit to this high-tech country. One of the highlights here is the means of transportation. The place is known for its reliable and speedy passenger, and one of an excellent example for that is the bullet train that runs for about 200 miles per hour and a delay for just 60 seconds. Another one is the Kobe-Nunobiki Ropeway which takes you to the port City of Kobe and takes you along two venues at the Rugby World Cup. So if you’re a fan of this sport and hit the location? There is nothing to worry about when it comes to transport from one place to another.

Well, upon arriving at Japan will bring you culture shock because of the language, faces might be quite different, but later on, you’ll appreciate it. The winning team which is New Zealand who beats Australia with a score of 34-17 focuses straight to Japan. There are available 12 stadiums to host the tournament from September to November 2019. That is how great the place when it comes to having a fantastic venue for both the players and for the fans.

Another thing you should remember is about the do’s and don’ts while on the visit. Here are the Dos:

1. Keep your eyes and be mindful when it comes to the street signs. They might be written in English, but there are differences with the address above.

2. Use their extraordinary convenience stores as they have over 50 thousand snacks, coffee and drinks and all that you need.

3. Be respectful and polite all the times

4. One most important thing is to learn just a little bit of their language


1. Be mindful and afraid of their high-tech loos

2. Just miss out some of the experiences in the stadium waiting for you.

A quick trivia Japanese players defeat South Africa in the World Rugby Cup last 2015. There are 13 million Japanese fans in the said sport, and this is going to be good.