Football For Friendship – A New Light On The Sport

The best way to create camaraderie is by talking to a person or getting along outside and make activities which can benefit a strong bond between you and a friend. Somehow football is also a great idea to implement strong friendship and equality between young boys and girls in different continents. This year it happened through the help of Gazprom. This is very important because it serves as an eye-opener to the younger generation on how to treat everyone as equal no matter what your gender and race you have. Being treated as an equal to everyone can fulfill every individual to boost strong self-confidence. Promoting friendship and equality to this generation is highly recommended to avoid bullying and other destructive actions made by the youngsters.

So international young players came to Moscow to 211 countries to promote friendship, equality, and peace. This kind of activity will also gain experience of every young player to know more about the cultures of their co-players coming from different countries. They will be able to communicate via playing and know the value of sportsmanship. Another young player from Korea said that he is very glad to meet a friend who came from another country. Happiness is one of the key products in this football activity. Young players will feel that this is not a competition hence it is a way to gain friends and encourage equality.

As a symbol of friendship, the players traditionally exchange color blue and green bracelets. The color blue symbolizes the peaceful sky while the green symbolizes the football field. They also only proved that different traditions, cultures, and languages are not an obstacle to fair play and that friendship can overcome border prioritizing peace. This is a very amazing experience for them as they will learn a lot of things and prove to the whole world that young generations have the ability to understand the true meaning of friendship and equality.

The number of participating in football for friendship grows tremendously for five years having 3 million supporters. Football for friendship stretches to more countries and continents and will give players a vision to bring back home and change the world for the better.  It is nice to see that there is a sport that promotes human interaction for a change. Young boys and girls in the game strongly build a connection and communication to gain values that they can take when they get old and be a football superstar.