F1 Celebrates 1,000 Races – Could Electric Race Cars Be The Future?

Into the world of Formula One Racing, lots of athletes are going to be famous because of its difference from other sports. This is very expensive as it uses f1 racing cars and other accessories. Comparing to other sports, riders must have the endurance and capability to control the speed to a card in order to win the game. Speed is a very important factor in this kind of sport. This sporting event also takes for over three days which is usually from Friday-Sunday. A series of practice and qualifying sessions take place during the event. This is the top racing category in FIA comprising the fastest and most advanced cars in the world.  

Bernie Ecclestone had been more over the years to Formula One Grand Prix, and he believed that he would probably embrace electric for the said sport. He transformed this sport into a billion-dollar business. As our technology continued to grow faster, there will be a chance that F1 will turn into electric in the future. He also added that formula one would turn into F1; however, his heart and everything is still into the term formula one. He was present at the 1950 British Grand Prix and Silverstone that launch the world championship, competing in 500cc Formula Three race at the old airfield.  Additionally, he thought and predicted that Lewis Hamilton for five-time against Michael Schumacher’s record of seven championships and nine wins. And he feels that Lewis is going to win, but it won’t be easy.

So far the F1 racing event celebrates its thousandth race, and this is gonna be the greatest achievement made by Ecclestone. Since there will be a possibility that the race will convert into electric, there will be an advantage to not use any diesel or gas which we actually get from natural resources. If the cars will be more advanced, the race will surely be nicer than before and a lot of fans will get involved in that event. Only a few people know about this sport unlike basketball and football since they are both popular all over the world. However, as the time goes by, and technology will become better to improve car pieces of equipment and accessories, F1 might get into its pitch one day and will become more popular to others in the world of sports. According to our friends at NuVision Auto Glass, who are big race fans and ultimately want to sponsor their own car one day, say that an increase of drivers will also be expected this year and will further help this industry grow and flourish.

For all you F! race fans out there, check out some highlights from the Chinese Grand Prix below!