Football For Friendship – A New Light On The Sport

The best way to create camaraderie is by talking to a person or getting along outside and make activities which can benefit a strong bond between you and a friend. Somehow football is also a great idea to implement strong friendship and equality between young boys and girls in different continents. This year it happened through the help of Gazprom. This is very important because it serves as an eye-opener to the younger generation on how to treat everyone as equal no matter what your gender and race you have. Being treated as an equal to everyone can fulfill every individual to boost strong self-confidence. Promoting friendship and equality to this generation is highly recommended to avoid bullying and other destructive actions made by the youngsters.

So international young players came to Moscow to 211 countries to promote friendship, equality, and peace. This kind of activity will also gain experience of every young player to know more about the cultures of their co-players coming from different countries. They will be able to communicate via playing and know the value of sportsmanship. Another young player from Korea said that he is very glad to meet a friend who came from another country. Happiness is one of the key products in this football activity. Young players will feel that this is not a competition hence it is a way to gain friends and encourage equality.

As a symbol of friendship, the players traditionally exchange color blue and green bracelets. The color blue symbolizes the peaceful sky while the green symbolizes the football field. They also only proved that different traditions, cultures, and languages are not an obstacle to fair play and that friendship can overcome border prioritizing peace. This is a very amazing experience for them as they will learn a lot of things and prove to the whole world that young generations have the ability to understand the true meaning of friendship and equality.

The number of participating in football for friendship grows tremendously for five years having 3 million supporters. Football for friendship stretches to more countries and continents and will give players a vision to bring back home and change the world for the better.  It is nice to see that there is a sport that promotes human interaction for a change. Young boys and girls in the game strongly build a connection and communication to gain values that they can take when they get old and be a football superstar.

Ex- UFC champion Conor McGregor Announces Retirement – Is It For Real?

Every athlete has the right to decide to quit his or her sport. Having at the top of the career is not easy and puts a lot of pressure, especially when you are a champion. It should have a great fundamental of discipline, effort and determination win. You should also train yourself every day to gain a lot of strength and power. It is a nice thing to think that nowadays, a lot of people get involved in different kind of competition and sports and many of them share and also inspire others. One of the keys to becoming a champion is that you must gain a lot of experiences and true determination from yourself.

Just like Conor McGregor, he has been a winner for the UFC championship a lot of times. However, he began to get tired again and announces in his social media account that he formally decided to retire his sport commonly known as “Mixed Martial Art” today. He also stated and wishes that his colleagues will go forward in the competition. In addition to that, he said that he will join his for partners on this venture who are already in retirement. Conor surely felt sad as he actually decided to end his career in the said sport.

The 30-year-old champion retires with MMA record of 21 wins and four defeats in the whole match since he started. He actually made $30 million for the fight itself and contributed a lot into this sporting industry. Furthermore, this is not the first time he announced that he will retire in his career. He was defeated by Nate Diaz last 2016 and decided to retire young however he returned and fight the same opponent later that same year. And even if his career is over, there are still speculations that he will jump into other combat sports like boxing.

Of course, a lot of fans feels disappointment after Conor stated his decision to the public. He also charged for having a case of three counts of assaults last 2018. He got arrested in Florida after he smashed a fan’s phone. His motivation to continue his career cut out. And even he already quit the sport he used to, there will be other doors open for him to start another chapter and story of life. We maybe don’t know today what will happen next but one sure thing I can say is that everything happens for a reason.

Pakistan Will Select Best Team For 2019 World Cup

FIFA world cup or often simply called the World Cup is an international football association played by several senior men’s national teams.

Sarfraz Ahmad, the captain of Pakistan team said that best team would be selected consisting of top-in form players for the World Cup 2019. It was a dream for every captain to win in a world cup for his country and he hoped that his country would play in the final of the mega event.

This will be a great opportunity for the Pakistan team to showcase their capabilities and talents as an athlete in the whole world . It maybe hard and pressure for the team to get the World Cup but there’s nothing to worry about because they are composed of skilled and great players.

Sarfraz also predicted that Australia, New Zealand , India and Pakistan would emerge as the top teams in the world. Sharing his own views and opinions about the performance of different players like Hassan Ali had actually played well during the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He also added that Pakistan Cricket Team has to show its best performance to win the cup. He also appreciated the performance of Uhmar Akmal and Ahmad Shezad in PSL 2019.

The senior player, Shoaib Malik was needed for the team in the mega event. Captain Sarfraz also highlighted that it is important to have the need of bowling on the line and length instead of focusing on speed. There is a selection of players of players for the event to make it successful. The captain and its team is getting ready to win for this event as there are a lot of opponents waiting outside. Pakistan will surely and proudly raise their own flag once for this ultimate event. The mega event will get a lot of fans from Pakistan’s team . Viewers also pick their new bet and favorite player for this event. Physical strength for this sport is highly prioritized by every individual player to keep a lot of endurance. The team will fight and play to hit the final cup. Pakistan is getting into its pitch to be part of the best teams in the world that is why as for now they are making sure that the squad is 100% ready for the mega event . This is gonna be another journey for Pakistan Team and road to success.

Wrestlemania Hosting An All-Female Main Event – Could This Change The Sport?

World Wrestling Entertainment is about making its female wrestlers as important as its men counterparts. Wrestlemania is one of the most valuable sporting brands all over the world having a revenue growth of over $200 Million. It will be available in 800 million homes around the world. This will be the WWE’s first all female pay-per-view event. And according to Big Show, WWE Superstar, the sport will be taken abroad one day.

The event will of course, highlight the talented top women superstars like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Asuka etc. They are just some of the baddest strongest and toughest ladies in the world of wrestling right now. Besides they bring as much attention like men do. Famous female wrestlers are both striking and scary as they certainly bring it in the ring. They’ve been stamping around the ring ever since as early as WWF. The evolution of female wrestler superstars has been interesting as this kind of sport brings entertainment to people around the world and today’s top female WWE wrestlers are some of the best of all the time .

The event has the purpose to help empowering female athletes and to 100% close its gender gap and move towards its step for feminism . This is a good idea to provide gender equality and to prove that women can’t be underestimated in the world of sports. The opportunity to fight and showcase strength of every female WWE superstar will start in this event. There are so much more divas in the ring today which will more embraced by both fans and athletes. And when women wrestlers are granted for these opportunities, they will surely and routinely steal the show. Fans in this event of course, can pick their bet and get a genuinely likable female personalities in WWE as it will be alienating a larger portion of the audience .

The event will surely get a high rate both for viewers and its revenue . It would be perfect for today’s era as fans have also seen an expansion in the type of matches in women’s division. This platform is deserved by female athletes of WWE. Though women is this kind of sport exchange harsh words ( scripted ) , they talk about challenge and respect in each other rivalry between women should go. This only shows that no matter how bad is their character in the ring doesn’t mean that it reflects in themselves . The show or event only summarizes the promotion of gender equality and gaining additional fans.

Today In International Sports

The worlds first transgender international sports coach has been officially announced for New Zealand’s mens sports team for netball. While netball might not be the most popular sport on the planet, this breaking news is a big deal and could potentially break barriers for future transgender coaches trying to make a name for themselves. Others in the community are ecstatic about this news because they feel like their culture is getting taken more seriously and ads credibility to the movement they’re trying to create.

Sarah Michelle Hansen-Vaeau is the coach that received the promotion and she has dedicated most of her life to coaching both men’s and women’s netball teams. The good news is the players completely supported this decision so it shouldn’t cause any tension within the team or stifle their high hopes for the upcoming season. After interviewing Sarah, she spoke about tons of adversity she’s had to face over the years as a transgender competing and coaching in the sports world. Her story is highly motivating for individuals trying to change the world because she didn’t let any of the negative talk surrounding her affect her mission in any sort of way.

The sports team that gave Sarah the promotion is extremely optimistic about the upcoming season and feel like they have a good shot at winning the title. “She has an aggressive style and her technical skills are through the roof so we feel very confident she is going to add an extreme amount of value to the team as a whole.” If they win the national tournament then they will automatically qualify for the international tournament which would make Sarah the first international head coach of any sports organization.

The talk around the transgender sports world is buzzing with energy because of this recent move. It could potentially open up the door for coaches and players around the world to be recognized for their talents rather than their sexuality. On the flip side there are sports organizations that have spoke out against this move because the obvious debate of fairness comes into the picture, at least when it’s considering athletes and not the coaches. It will be interesting to see what future impact this has on the sports world in this ever changing landscape of gender debates.