Japan Hosts First Rugby World Cup this 2019

Every people in different countries around the world loves sports. And Rugby is one of the most popular Olympic games which is very popular for us. It is a kind of team sport that promotes social and health benefits. Agility and physical strength is required so most of the players and in good condition and have a considerable body. This year, Japan is the country which is picked to host the World’s Famous Rugby Cup. Fans will genuinely and will probably amazed when visiting Japan. It will be a combination of traveling and watching the sport at the same time.

In this article, you can learn more kinds of stuff and trivia and also about what you will do during your visit to this high-tech country. One of the highlights here is the means of transportation. The place is known for its reliable and speedy passenger, and one of an excellent example for that is the bullet train that runs for about 200 miles per hour and a delay for just 60 seconds. Another one is the Kobe-Nunobiki Ropeway which takes you to the port City of Kobe and takes you along two venues at the Rugby World Cup. So if you’re a fan of this sport and hit the location? There is nothing to worry about when it comes to transport from one place to another.

Well, upon arriving at Japan will bring you culture shock because of the language, faces might be quite different, but later on, you’ll appreciate it. The winning team which is New Zealand who beats Australia with a score of 34-17 focuses straight to Japan. There are available 12 stadiums to host the tournament from September to November 2019. That is how great the place when it comes to having a fantastic venue for both the players and for the fans.

Another thing you should remember is about the do’s and don’ts while on the visit. Here are the Dos:

1. Keep your eyes and be mindful when it comes to the street signs. They might be written in English, but there are differences with the address above.

2. Use their extraordinary convenience stores as they have over 50 thousand snacks, coffee and drinks and all that you need.

3. Be respectful and polite all the times

4. One most important thing is to learn just a little bit of their language


1. Be mindful and afraid of their high-tech loos

2. Just miss out some of the experiences in the stadium waiting for you.

A quick trivia Japanese players defeat South Africa in the World Rugby Cup last 2015. There are 13 million Japanese fans in the said sport, and this is going to be good.

An Athlete Caster Semenya’s Advocacy Isn’t About Running: It Is All About The Human Rights

Every achievement comes with enormous hardships and determination. People who became successful in their life have a strange story behind it. Besides, different level of or field they may come from, but some have the same stories to tell. In the world of sports, the marathon is performed by both women and men nowadays. However, the difference is that men’s world record has fallen today but women’s — well, some of them have held firm for over 30 years. Caster Semenya who won different times in the field of running has the most significant contribution when it comes to human rights as she redefines what the true meaning of being female in the sport is.

The young South African Athlete stands for what she believes and what is right. She started in the year 2009 at the age of 18 and won over 29 races, and after that, she became a role model along the way. Recently this weekend, Semenya stood on the ground with so much pride and changed the face of the sport for being a gay black woman. However, Friday in Doha might be the last time she will compete to her favorite event because of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) provided a necessary medication to reduce her testosterone level which seems to be unequal with such discrimination.

Showing strength and courage not only to win the competition but also to win against the rights fought by Semenya cannot be measured by anything else in this world. She focuses on the empowerment of every women athlete against sexual differences to stop inequality and discernment. The moment that you ask everyone about injecting a woman’s body to control it will become an issue to human rights. IAAF never mind about the risks and damage that Semenya will get for the surgery and injections she will undergo just to be qualified in the competition. This type of action is not proper.

The foundations for human rights together with the UN’s human rights crashed the decision. Deputy program director says “Women with intersex variations have the same right to dignity and control over their bodies as other women, and it’s deeply disappointing to see CAS uphold regulations that run afoul of international human rights standards.” In this case, Semenya proved that despite having sexual deviation, it is not a hindrance to continue your dreams and inspire others. Many have supported Semenya’s defense and won against the IAAF. She is also one of the lists of the top100 Influential people in Time Magazine. It is truly right that good things come to those people with a good heart that once want to stimulate everyone with such conviction and spirit.

Riding Legendary Secretariat ‘Like Flying A Fighter Jet.’

One of the best people that we always include in our history is the enormous sports hero that we know in such a specific field. Equestrian is one of the popular sports known that uses a horse. With such extraordinary strength and speed, both the rider and the horse will win if it was trained properly and can beat the competition. Secretariat is one of the famous horse that can’t ever be compared to others. He is the Meadow stable’s chestnut cold during 1970.

One thing people can’t forget about him is that he is also awarded as the horse of the year in 1972 and 1973. It is best known as the winner of the triple crown in the year 1973. He became as one of the horse for 25 years in Triple Crown. Meaning to say, no can stop him and beat him during that time. It was bred by the Meadow Stud. in Doswell, Virginia. Thanks to his trainer Lucien Laurin and of course, ridden by Ron Turcotte who poses next to a statue of Secretariat at Belmont Park, USA. Ron is now 77 years old and once said to CNN’s winning post that riding Secretariat is like a flying fighter jet unlike to those ordinary airplanes. The most exceptional horse ever in the sport of equestrian brought a lot of inspiration and entertainment to everyone.

His stylish performance brought a lot of fans around the world to adore and love him. For almost the years passed, fans follow his race wherever and whenever it takes. His rider Turcotte got also pressured for every match they get into because he knew that he has the best horse and afraid if Secretariat can’t run. The love between the rider and the horse are incomparable. It makes a strong bond between them leading them to always win in the competition.

Of course, Turcotte is so lucky to be one of the riders of that particular horse throughout his career. The horse has grown so much physically and mentally stable. His unbreakable record in the Kentucky Derby (1:59.40) still stands today while his enduring legacy was cemented in 2010 when Walt Disney produced a film based on his impossible real life. Another award-winning masterpiece taken by Edward Whitaker earned a lot of horse racing’s photography of the year having a majestic photo of the rare super blue moon in Lambourn, Berkshire last January 2018. There are a lot of contributions made by Secretariat in the sport of, and no one can’t even beat his record. It will surely remain in the hearts and minds of fans around the globe.

Here’s a glimpse of Secretariat running at the Belmont Stakes in 1973: